Review Policy

The following guidelines should assist you in deciding whether or not you might like me to review one of your books. Requests can be sent via e-mail to:

What can be expected from my reviews?
I do realise that it takes a lot of effort, lifeblood and creativity to write and publish a book – and I have great respect for that. 
Therefore, I take care that my reviews are as fair as possible. If I don’t like a particular book, I explain the reasons why and try to point out aspects that would make other readers enjoy it. However, I will stick to my honest opinion at all times.
Also, I am by no means a professional reviewer, but rather someone who has always been very passionate about literature and who wants to share that excitement with others.

On which other platforms do I publicise my reviews?
I post reviews on Amazon UK, Amazon US and Goodreads.
How long does it take me to read and review a book? 
I prioritise books that I receive for review, thus you can expect me to read and review books within three weeks. If you want a critique to be released at a specific date, please mention that in your e-mail.

Which genres do I like?
  • young adult literature
  • contemporary
  • dystopia
  • literary fiction
  • science fiction
  • fantasy
  • (modern) classics
  • comics/graphic novels
If your book is in a genre that isn’t mentioned above, but you still believe that I might enjoy it based on the selection of books that I’ve reviewed so far, do not hesitate to send a request.

Are there any books that I generally don't accept for review?
  • erotica
  • self-help
  • horror
  • new adult 
  • anything with religious undertones
I currently do not accept self- or indie-published books for review.

Which formats do I accept?
I accept ARCs, galleys, ebooks, as well as finished copies. Nonetheless, I’m most likely to accept requests for physical copies. Do bear in mind that I live in Germany, in case that would cause you additional shipping costs.

Which information should be included in your e-mail?
Please include the title, author, publisher, release date, format, genre and a short synopsis. 

How long does it take me to respond to your request?
If your requests tickles my fancy, I usually reply within five days. Please understand that, due to the large amount of  requests, I cannot reply to decline requests!