Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tag [#1]

I’ve been tagged by Miri! She came up with some really interesting questions, so thank you for that. :-)

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Which book have you reread most often and what is your favorite thing about this book? 
I guess that would be the Harry Potter series. I reread them practically every year because there are so many happy childhood memories linked to them, and whenever I do so, the old excitement of reading them for the very first time comes up again. It literally is like magic. I don’t read the series in the right order, but pick up whichever one I’m in the mood for at that particular moment.

Which is the latest book you bought?
Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi and Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Do you prefer tea or coffee?
Definitely tea, especially on cold winter evenings. I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker, I rather drink cappucchino. 

Do you like borrowing books (e. g. from a library) or do you want to own every book you read?
I have a library member ID, but I never use it. If anything, I borrow books from my friends, but that hardly ever happens. I like collecting books too much. And I mainly read in bed and have a weird uncomfortable feeling when I read a book that several strangers might have had in their hands before me. Plus, the variety of books that are actually available in my local library is pooooor. 

What is your favorite first sentence and from what book is it?
Sorry, but that question is clearly too hard for me to answer. There is no first sentence of a book that stuck in my memory. It would be interesting to see some remarkable first sentences, though.
EDIT: I recently found one that got me laughing: 
„It wasn't easy simultaneously mending six billion broken hearts, but I managed.“ (Freaks by Joey Goebel)
Do you prefer physical copys or ebooks?
Nothing will ever beat physical copies that you can actually place on your bookshelf. But I still like my Kindle very much.

What is your favorite non-fictional book? And if you don't have one, why don't you like non-fictional books?
I don’t know why I don’t read non-fiction books. I guess it’s simply because if I had to decide between a fiction and a non-fiction book, I would always choose fiction, because it’s more entertaining. So no opportunity offered itself so far to read some non-fiction. But I plan on getting into that sort of books in the future in order to expand my horizons a bit further. :P

What is your favorite kind of chocolate?
How do you organise your books? In shelves? In boxes? And then - title, genre, size?
I have three bookshelves in my room; a big one and two smaller ones. The big one is for the books I’ve read and the smaller ones are for the ones I have yet to read. I organise them by author or publishing company (in case I own only a single book of an author). For example, I have some modern classics by Penguin and Diogenes that all have the same simple spine, so they look neat on the shelf together.  

If you could live in any fictional world/country (e. g. Narnia, Harry Potter, Inkworld...) where would you live and why would you like to live there?
Once again: Harry Potter. As a little kid, I was soo fascinated by the wizarding world of Harry Potter and wanted nothing as badly as to receive a letter from Hogwarts. How marvellous would it be to wander through the secret rooms of Hogwarts with an invisibility cloak at nighttime? All those details that Rowling came up with, all these years of my childhood that I was waiting for a new HP book to be released ... these books have such an unique charm to it that no other book will ever be able to have, at least to me.  

Why did you decide to write your own blog?
I’ve been following book blogs for over a year now and I really enjoy reading them. So now I finally wanted to stop being a silent reader and start to get involved and share my opinion on books with others.  

  1. Do you write short stories, poems, books or anything similar yourself? Or have you ever tried and failed to do so? 
  2. Do you have a favourite poet and/or poem?
  3. What is your favourite standalone novel?
  4. Is there a fictional character from a book, tv show or movie you feel you can totally relate to because of his attitude, thoughts, actions or because of what happens to him in the book? 
  5. Who is your favourite secondary character from a book?
  6. What is your most anticipated book release right now?
  7. What is your favourite book-to-movie adaptation?
  8. Which book you had to read for school/university/etc. did you enjoy the most?
  9. Do you prefer books with happy endings?
  10. There is a huge community of book vloggers on YouTube, too. Do you regularly watch such book-related videos or do you confine yourself on reading blogs?
  11. Do you like graphic novels and/or comics?
Initially, I just wanted to tag whoever is willing to participate, but then I changed my mind because I was trying really hard to come up with good questions, so I’d really love to read some of your answers:
Book H00rderPassion for NovelsNot While I’m Reading, Book Strings, Hooked on Books, SusieBookworm, nuttier reads, A Booky Wonderland, Between the Lines, Bookish aaand anyone who wishes to take part.

Dude, that was hard! I’d really appreciate if some of you actually found the time to answer these questions. :-) 


  1. Wow, these are some awesome answers! I can totally relate to what you wrote about Harry Potter and if I hadn't that stupid lactose intolerance, I'd eat Milka Daim all day =D

    By the way, if you want to start reading non-fiction, I can recommend Harry, A History by Melissa Annelli. I read that, too, and I think besides the fact that all those names sometimes confuse me, it's a great book. And there are a lot of more non-fictional books about Harry Potter, so maybe by combining what you love (Harry Potter) and what you don't love (non-fiction), this will work out :)

    Thank you for participating!

  2. Thanks for tagging me! I finally wrote up my post. I also re-read HP. Mainly I did before a new book was released, but I did last summer because of the movie. Here my post is: http://bookstrings.blogspot.com/2012/03/tag.html


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